Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best of Blogs 3

Here’s my third installment of Best of Blogs.

The first blog I covered is "Political Punch", written by Jack Tapper, ABC News’ Senior White House Correspondent in the network’s Washington bureau. In the blog, Tapper covers politics as well as popular culture, which I think is an interesting mix.

The blog is a mix of feature stories, news reports and broadcast news reports by Tapper himself. At first, I was going to commend Tapper for his exceptional reporting because there are several stories posted each day on the blog but then I noticed the blog posts are not just written by him; he is a huge part of the blog but I think the other contributors should receive more credit. Still, I very much enjoyed this blog, especially the video about Obama’s White House Easter Egg Roll, one of the latest posts.

The blog is very organized, the layout isn’t confusing at all; the blog is organized in two columns, the left detailing Tapper’s background and a list of recent postings and monthly archives and the right, the blog posts themselves.

The second blog I covered is “On Politics" by USA Today newspaper. This blog features breaking news from Capitol Hill, state politics and many other topics. I like the blog and its great use of white space. The stories are much more in-depth and often deal with what’s going on within individual states, but it’s a great tool to use if you are interested in learning as much as you can about state politics.

The blog, besides being organized neatly, also lists every category imaginable as a sidebar; abortion, other blogs, campaign memos, immigration, etc.

The third blog is my freebie, which I enjoy writing about the most (thanks Professor Thelen!). Since I will be interning this summer in New York City, I chose to write about a blog titled “I'm an Intern in NY", written by Andy McDonald, a former intern in NYC. I was interested in what he had to say; I loved reading the blog, it was humorous at times and brutally honest. He shared ten humorous tips for people who would like to live in NYC; the most striking tip was “Don’t Come to New York City.”

Over all, I enjoyed the blog very much. I would have liked to see more photos however and perhaps an update, because the last post was written in 2005. The writer’s profile says he is now 26 years old so I would like to see what he’s up to now.

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